Why is Right Now the Best Time to Contact Customers?

With the World at a pause, business as we know it has changed. And by changed we mean in some cases come to a complete halt. With fewer customers still doing business, Companies need to make sure that the service they are providing is above anyone’s expectations. With the majority of Tanning Salons closed right now when they are usually at their peak customers must be reminded that just because they are getting a later start, their reasons for tanning before Summer remain. In this post, we will give you examples of why now is the perfect time to nurture your customer relations. 


Why Contact Customers? 

Most people have a lot of spare time right now. And except for Social Media probably not a lot of contact with the outside world. This allows you to leave an impression, be proactive about any issues that could arise from closure, and possibly even create some revenue. 


Let’s say you offer an EFT program in your salon. Will you continue to draft monies during the closure? Are you suspending EFTs or extending packages? What about offering a product or service now that is of value for the EFT price? By contacting them and having a plan to discuss options you curb any upset customers later. 


Have customers that haven’t done business with you for some time? Why not reach out to them and offer a free tan or product upon reopening? Find out why they left and use it to improve so that others don’t leave for the same reason in the future. 


Do you sell items that don’t revolve around tanning services? Clothing, apparel, personal care, health, and wellness items could still generate income for you even when customers cannot visit your building. You can deliver these items, offer curbside pickup, or for a limited time, Heartland will ship them directly to your customer for you. 


How Should I Contact Them?

It would be easy to create a general post on Social Media; however, you could get lost in their feed or scrolled past altogether. We recommend a phone call or handwritten note for the biggest impact. Think about the last time you received a handwritten note from a business. Or a call out of the blue from the owner of a business. How did it make you feel? Did it surprise you? Do you think if a friend talked about a service that the company provided that you would be prompted to refer them? If those methods are not an option, you can always send an email or text. It won’t have the same impact, but it is better than no impact at all. 


#4 Tips for Remarkable Customer Service

  1. Go above and beyond- If you are delivering a product to a customer make is extra special. Add some shredded paper or confetti to the box, include a business card for a free service, or simply a thank you note. Letting customers know how much you appreciate the support right now is vital. 
  2. Always find a way to make it right – never refuse a customer request without having an alternative solution that is beneficial for them. 
  3. Find ways to improve the things your Business already does well. This keeps it from being perceived as “normal”
  4. Have a customer that supports your business with referrals? Maybe they mention they love the candy you leave on the tanning bed? Consider leaving a small box of them in their mailbox. 



We hope that this has ignited your passion for customer service, and you use this to differentiate your salon from your competition. We look forward to your business comeback. 


Would you like help with more ideas? Give us a call and we can help you create the perfect strategy.