The Tanning Industry Will Survive, Here’s Why.

Before we talk about why we believe our industry will not only survive but thrive after this crisis, let us first ask, how are you doing? No really, how are you feeling? It is a difficult time for all, and we want you to know we are here for you. Even if you just need to hear the voice of someone, give us a call. We understand and even if we can’t fix the world, we can be a shoulder to lean on.

It has been a rollercoaster ride the past few weeks; don’t you think? We have run the gamut of emotions and seen business shifts almost daily. One thing that no one seems to be talking about however is the fact that our entire industry has been able to redirect our efforts in the blink of an eye. Manufacturers are stepping up with webinars, training, products, and essentials to motivate, educate, and encourage Salons.

Heartland has released a catalog with only retail pricing in an effort for salons to utilize it to continue offering products to their customers as well as offering direct shipping, product menus, and product marketing to salons to generate revenue even though they have closed the salon. We have also sourced new brands and products that people need now.

And then there is you, the salon owners. We are in awe of how creative, inventive, and resilient you have been. We have seen salons delivering products, offering curbside pickup, offering online shopping during this time, going live and educating customers and building relationships. We have seen new customers made from this as well. Salons are taking the time to connect with their customers in a new way, and it is beautiful!

A recurring theme is that salons genuinely miss their customers and we know exactly how you feel. Take a moment and reflect on how truly amazing our industry is. We will survive and come back stronger than ever. We are humbled by the hope and grace we have seen. Join us in showing your pride by using the hashtags #IndustryStrong and #TanFamily.

To access past webinars you may have missed visit the resource section of our website or for more information about the additional services Heartland is offering during this time please give us a call.