8 Idea's to Get Back to Business Fast

You may have seen our email that went out today with 8 Idea’s to Get You Ready to Jump Back into Season.  We thought we would expand on that some to help you get the most out of a pause in business.

  1. Paint and Update Your Salon- How long has it been since you freshened up paint on walls to get rid of scuff marks or just make things look new again? Maybe it has been longer than you would like to admit? If you are still rocking the same décor that you did in the ’80s, ’90s, or even early 2000’s it is definitely time to change it up. Don’t have the available funds to do it now? It’s a great time to get a business loan with interest rates being so low but if that is not feasible you can still use this time to come up with a plan for what you will do eventually. If you are going for a relaxing feel look to light almost pastel colors of blue, green, and white such as Benjamin Moore Green Tint or Sherwin Williams Lullaby.
  2. Deep Clean Each Tanning Unit- It’s probably pretty busy when you usually go to change lamps or deep clean your beds. Now is the perfect time to take the units almost completely apart and clean every nook and cranny. Take the extra time to polish acrylics, clean behind the bed, inside, and outside. This also goes for spa and sunless equipment.
  3. Makeover Your Retail Space- You can go big or little on this. What we mean is you can go all out and renovate your entire front space or as little as rearranging your products. We recommend moving products around often to create new interest in items that may have been overlooked by customers before. Sometimes something as small as moving a slow seller to your front counter is all it takes.
  4. Change Outdated Signs and Upgrade Furniture- Deal with normal wear and tear in your salon by replacing signs that have yellowed from Sun Exposure or have scratches. Change your furniture if it has areas of wear and tear. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, in fact, use this time to take some flea market or garage sale items and give them new life with paint or reupholstering. Youtube has a plethora of videos to show you how to give these items a brand-new look and feel.
  5. Change Your Lamps and Acrylics- Be ready to amaze your customers when this is over with beds that are ready to perform at their best. We are happy to give you a quote on these items as well as help with any questions you have.
  6. Schedule Your Re-Grand Opening- Plan it, every detail. Then talk about it. Create an online countdown to get your customers excited. Post little teasers about it. It gives you and your customers something to look forward to!
  7. Send a Personal Note to Everyone in Your Database with a Free Tanning Session for Future Use – Taking the time to write a handwritten note or personalized email during this time will go a long way. Follow it up with a reason for them to come in. Keep your business in front of their mind once they are ready to resume normal lives again.
  8. Make Tutorials and Product Videos- This is your chance to tell your story. Make a video touring your salon. Talk about why you are in business, what makes you different, anything that shows viewers who you are. Have a special talent? Show it off. Say your talent is cooking, you can video yourself making your favorite dish while talking about your business. Make a video for every lotion you carry. Make tanning tutorials about how to properly tan and what products to use before and after. How to take care of your tan. You can also make employee training videos. They will all come in handy when you are busy.

Heartland has tons of ideas to get you through this time. Next week we will talk about how to create income when you can’t be open. What topics would you like more information on? Let us know.