Why Attend Bootcamp 2022?

Time is valuable, we get it. Deciding which events to attend can be challenging. Choosing the event that is best for your business and your staff is important. Today we will discuss the benefits of attending the 2022 Product Prep and Retail Coaching Bootcamp, and what you can expect.

First NEW PRODUCTS. Sure, there are other events going on prior to Bootcamp, but the timing is not ideal. This event takes place just before the season hits giving your staff the opportunity to learn about products from the brand trainers without a time gap ensuring the knowledge they gain is not lost. Learning about products you can’t stock yet means you lose the opportunity to use the information right away. This creates a drop in enthusiasm and loss of details. Plus, learning about new products at an event where you can touch the bottle, smell the amazing new scents, and feel the creamy consistency leads to much better retention of information.

It’s INTERACTIVE. Sitting in a large room listening to speakers on stage is ok… for a while. The human brain can only retain so much information in one sitting. Research shows that engaging in an activity along with information helps you not only learn better but also increases the chance of you using the information received. It’s called Bootcamp for a reason. Get ready to get active. We are utilizing all the tools we are dishing out so that you have actionable items in your arsenal to take back with you and use to achieve your goals for 2022.

We’re bringing in the BIG GUNS. Learn from the best in the industry as well as our “special guest” (we’re not ready to let that cat out of the bag yet), tactical selling techniques that will increase your retail and session sales.

Are you ready to break new records in 2022? Enlist today while space is still available.