Let's Makeup

You own a business dedicated to perfecting the look of a person’s skin. Are you making the most of it? Making the jump to cosmetics in the tanning industry is a no-brainer. Just as cosmetics even skin and give it a perfected appearance so does tanning lotion. We are sure if you search your shelves, you will find lotions containing “cosmetic” bronzers, a cosmetic for the body. However, you tan more than just the body. Imagine what your customers would look like if they walked around with a pale face and a tan body. Whether it’s makeup, sunless, or UV, your customers are looking for ways to enhance their facial features as well.


Not all cosmetics are created equally. Deciding what to carry in your salon says a lot about your business. If you carry cheap cosmetics trying to compete with drug store brands, can you really expect customers to pay premium prices on tanning lotion? Your customers are used to paying $30 to close to $200 for a lotion, selling cheap cosmetics might make them think twice because they now see you as more of a bargain bin retailer.  Instead set the stage by only selling quality products. This way the customer equates your products with a designer line with an increased value.


We searched high and low to find a high-end cosmetic line worthy of boutiques. We looked for things like quality ingredients, high-end packaging, and superior skincare and pigment. Say hello to Mirabella Cosmetics. This brand brings the exclusivity of top branding, marketing, and appeal. You have the option to carry everything from individual products to small counter displays, and even large Retailer displays. Heartland has everything for a full face of beauty along with training video’s marketing materials, and everything you need to be successful.


The Holidays are the perfect time to launch this new expansion to your business. Are you up for the challenge?