Holiday Gift Items for Your Salon

We’re barely past Halloween and the Christmas commercials have started. It appears each year it starts earlier and earlier. While we still have Thanksgiving ahead of us, it’s not too early to start thinking about your Holiday shoppers.

With more and more businesses moving online, consumers are yearning for places to do in-person shopping. Lockdowns really put people in a different frame of mind when it comes to the “experience” of shopping. Not to mention shipping delays nationwide put a damper on the ability to receive items fast. Smart consumers are already looking for the perfect gift ideas knowing that last-minute shopping may not be an option this season. Is your business ready to fulfill this need?

In gearing up for the Holiday shopping season we have started introducing items that work for anyone’s buying list. Here are a few of our favorites that are sure to get customers’ interest.

Oh man, do we have a product line for you… and women, children, or anyone with skin. Enter Beast, a line of eco-friendly, natural, skin-loving products that is sure to drive anyone wild. Originally designed for men, this unisex packaged collection of body care products is strong enough to tame any beast, but gentle enough for sensitive beasts too. Getting clean has never been so invigorating.

Speaking of clean body care, B.Fresh will make you rethink your body care routine. Their line of body wash, deodorants, and body serums (yes, you read that correctly) can be customized to anyone’s individual needs. The bright-colored minimalistic packaging draws the eye and the cheeky names make you want to learn more.

No routine is complete without skincare and all we can say about the new Clinical Care line is…. WOW! These products sell themselves. Place a few testers on your counter and customers will be hooked. You’ll wonder why you ever went without it.

Finish it off with some color (cosmetics that is). Mirabella brings the quality of designer labels to your salon. They offer 3 gift packs (Eye-Conic, Lip Service, and Glow Girl) that are perfect stocking stuffers. We have everything to have you looking like a million bucks this Holiday season.

Looking for something different? We’ve got that too. PYM Mood Chews are a necessity for holiday stress. They make it easy to enjoy your in-laws and that one cousin you swore you would never get stuck sitting next to again. The Acupressure Ring Set is not only fun but has more uses than GOOGLE, well almost. Our Hot and Cold pillows and masks ensure your back (and your head) survive putting up the tree while the Melatonin Footpads provide a good night’s rest. Become the “coolest” gift giver on the block with the Mini Portable desk fan. This Rechargeable USB design holds your phone so you can catch the game, speed up your glam routine, or do anything else while staying fresh.

There is so much more, but you will have to check out the new arrivals section of our website to find out more. We hope you enjoy being the “Go-to” place to shop this holiday season.