What a Difference Aloe Makes

We are always looking for the latest technology however with this new product we take a cue from the past. We have all heard of Aloe and its amazing healing benefits but what you might not have heard of is “stabilized Aloe”


“When Aloe is harvested, the plant releases a destructive enzyme that destroys the most important factor in aloe called Acemannan. Using a unique process, the destructive enzyme is removed to stabilize the aloe and retain its incredible healing properties!” – NutraGel

 A history lesson in Aloe

After seeing the horrible radiation burns caused by the atomic bombs, scientists found that fresh Aloe healed these wounds, but it had to be fresh as Aloe in storage did not work. Since there was no way to “stabilize” the Aloe, the discovery was forgotten- until now.

NutraGel is an all-natural product with several benefits. As a daily moisturizer it also addresses wounds, scars, and helps skin look better. You can also use it as a natural sun care product as it encourages a safe healthy tan. You can also use it for after sun care to replenish moisture and calm over exposure. All without harmful chemicals.

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