Make Way for New Product!

Things are slowing down and everyone is awaiting new products, and the excitement of next season. This makes it the perfect time to strategize with you staff about what worked this year and what didn’t. Any products that were a miss? Time to create a sale just for them and make room for new products coming.

It is also a great time to create a plan for educating employees. Several vendors offer webinars making it easy for staff to brush up on skills in the salon. Willing to travel? Heartland has several events planned to include a Meet the Maker event in Nashville, and of course the infamous America’s Tanning Expo in January. These events are perfect for learning everything you need for a great 2020 as well as build excitement.

While you are planning which products to phase out and what trainings to attend, you should also think about your social media planning. Having a plan will keep you from trying to post randomly spur of the moment (or not at all). When a customer is choosing a company to do business with, they commonly visit that company online. Whether it is a website or social media account make sure you don’t have a page that has not been touched for long periods of time. They may think you have closed.

Whatever planning you have your Heartland Business Support Rep is here to help you. We have tons of knowledge at your fingertips, just give us a call.