Use What You Pay For

How much of your salon space do you use for retail? Now think about how much your rent is. Do you only pay for the area in your salon that makes you money? Of course not. It’s time to change the way you see your salon space and maximize your money-making potential.


Let’s start with your storefront. What do you have to draw customers in? Do you have anything advertised to those who don’t tan? Think outside the box for ways you can make your business appealing to everyone. Getting customers in the door is half the battle.

Your Lobby

No one likes to wait, but it happens. Your first thought might be to put chairs in your lobby so guests can be seated comfortably while waiting but think about that. You sit down and what is the first thing you do? Get on your phone and disconnect from everything around you. Trust us you won’t be selling anything that way. You also won’t engage with your customer and build rapport, making it easy to go to the salon down the road next time.  Instead, ditch the chairs and create displays. This gives your customer something to look at while waiting leading to impulse purchases as well as an opportunity for employees to engage with customers.

Your Tanning Rooms

While you wouldn’t want to put a product in the rooms you can do other things. Maybe a complimentary sample of a new lotion? A list of employee favorite products and why? Out of the ordinary ways to use a product you sell or a spotlight on the benefits. A blank wall is a missed opportunity to entertain a purchase from your customer.

Finally, Your Bathrooms

Do you have a moisturizer you are promoting? A hand wash, body spray, hairspray? Placing these items in the restroom allows guests to try it, touch it, smell it privately without feeling like they are being sold to. It is a great way to add service to your packages and promote sales.

Are you utilizing all of the space you are paying for? Let us know your tips for maximizing retail space.