Displays 101

New products will be arriving soon. Are your shelves up for the task? Let’s go over some simple ways to improve your product marketing and increase sales.

Product Placement

Location, location, location. Real estate is everything. Don’t be tempted to place your high-end products on the top shelf, eye level is buy level. Always place your best products there then work your way down. Place inexpensive lotions on the top so that it is harder for your employees to grab when talking products to customers making it the last resort to offer.


Show the squad

Be sure when choosing products to offer that you bring in the entire collection or at least several in the line so that you can display them together. Lotion manufacturers use similar bottles or themes so that they look appealing when displayed.

    Choose a Theme

    Display items by color. You can sort items by color to make it more aesthetic. You can work the products you offer into the color      pallet of your salon or use ROYGBIV like they taught in art class and follow the rainbow.

    Sort by category

     When sorting a collection, make it easy to understand for anyone working behind the counter. Just as you would use when         starting to tan such as Accelerator/ Intensifier, Natural and Cosmetic Bronzers, DHA Bronzers, Special Occasion/ Dark Bronzers,     to Tingles and Cooling lotions.

 Whichever theme you choose make sure it works for your business.

How do you display your products? We want to hear from you.