Safer Shopping

The Holidays are around the corner, are you ready for Holiday Shoppers? 2020 has been a curse, but it might bring in additional sales this holiday season. Many shoppers will try to avoid crowds and shopping at large retail stores opting for online or small businesses. Having unique niche items on hand allows your customers to gift something special this season without worrying about their health.

Market a safer option. When they come into tan and boost their vitamin D to maintain a healthier immune system they can shop in a smaller environment. No crowds, no unnecessary exposure to large amounts of people, no cross-contamination from purchasing items that have been touched by many.

Offer added incentives for customers to shop with you by giving them a discount on tanning when they make purchases with you over a given amount. You can even gift wrap items with your business card enclosed offering the recipient a free tan. The bigger you think the better the return will be.

Remember the rules have gone out the window this year. It’s time to set the standard for your future. Dream big, and happy selling.