Scrub A Dub


Every salon professional knows how important it is to educate your sunless customers on prepping the skin for a spray tan. We have all seen the horror of a bad prep job. But how often do you educate your UV customers on skin prep and maintenance? It’s more important than you might think!

Prepping your skin before tanning is good practice for anyone and can help you achieve better color for sure. But for customers using a high-level bronzer, it could be everything. Some tanners love lotions with exceeding amounts of DHA, and just as with getting a spray tan when you use a lotion with a high bronzer content you could be in for a shock if your skin is not properly exfoliated before use. When talking with your customers during the purchase of these types of products you need to treat it just as you would a spray tan session. Just because the delivery method changes the results are the same.

We recommend customers that tan often have at least two lotions if they are using a high-level bronzer so that they can alternate between a lotion without bronzer and their favorite dark bronzer. No one wants to exfoliate several times a week, and besides, over-exfoliating is bad for the skin.

Bonus, make sure they are using a tan extender to keep that bronze color and re-hydrate the skin. Following these practices will ensure your customer’s tan isn’t their Halloween costume.