Price VS Quality

Do you ever cringe when trying to sell products to customers? We have all been on the buying side of a sales transaction and know the feeling all too well of someone trying to “sell” us on something. This mindset can hinder your sales and your ability to help your customers, especially when dealing with higher ticket items.

If you are focusing on just trying to sell a product then you my friend are limiting your sales and doing a disservice to your clients. The first step is to find out what your customer is wanting to achieve with their visit, then simply showing them the solution.

Here’s the tricky part. We all have our own life experiences and thoughts on finances; however, your feelings and financial situation will not be theirs. Never assume what your client is willing to spend on the solution to their problem. It is not your job to tell a customer what they should spend, that is their choice. Everyone prioritizes purchases differently. Your job is to educate them on what their options are starting with the best solution to their situation.


A customer comes in looking for a tan for an upcoming event. You know they need lotion, so you reach for the best-selling economy-priced product on your shelf. Sure, it will help them tan but what you don’t know is that this same customer is very concerned about aging skin and spends hundreds of dollars on skincare products to maintain a youthful complexion. You are the expert, so they buy the suggested lotion. It does nothing to help their skin and though they get some color, they leave feeling that tanning is not for them and discontinue their visits.

Yes, you made a sale, but you also lost a customer. The product you offered them was an inexpensive Band-Aid that didn’t meet their needs. It’s easy to reach for a lower priced item. Who wants to scare off a customer with a high price tag? It is better though to give options. Show them the product that will work best for them and tell them why. Then, if that option doesn’t work for them move to the next best option. Always refer back to the need they are trying to fill.

Not all products are created equally, and it’s not just in lotions. If you have decided to carry CBD products you are now assisting customers with a quality of life. No, you are not a doctor, but carrying a cheap product is again doing a disservice. Yes, it may be less money but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and you are better off helping your customers than selling “snake oil”.

As always, we are here to help you with information on all products. We pride in only carrying the best quality products for your salon.