Real Life Filters

You see them on television, in magazines, and on social media. People with flawless skin. It’s like they walk around with filters on, always looking like perfection. We all know that Hollywood, advertisers, and publications “enhance” the look of the people they work with. Meanwhile, the rest of us must walk around with our imperfections out for the whole world to see… or so we think.

Most women (and men) are fully aware of the power of makeup and its ability to change one’s appearance. Think of the viral video of the woman applying makeup saying, “If the men find out we can shapeshift, they are going to tell the church”—contouring and highlighting features used to be something only celebrity makeup artists and special effects artists did. However, over the last 20 years, it has become so common that a large portion of women and men contour daily. The question is, who wants to walk around with a flawless face, but the rest of your body looks bad? The contrast makes even the most minimal imperfections stand out. Enter body makeup.

According to US Consumer Trends, body makeup is the second-fastest-growing makeup category. There are many reasons for this other than those mentioned above. The world is in a transition phase between generational thinking. The younger generation freely expresses who they are artistically, be that fashion-colored hair, body modifications, or body art. However, there is still an entire generation that looks at this being unacceptable in some work and social environments. Having the ability to conceal body art tattoos when you need or want to, is vastly appealing. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have brought the use of body makeup mainstream with her line KKW Beauty, and more and more users are discovering the appeal.

So, what does that mean for you? Easy, your customers want beautiful glowing skin. But tanning and sunless are only the beginning. Tanning doesn’t address issues with scars, varicose veins, or discoloration. Salon guests are spending their time and hard-earned money with you to improve the appearance of their skin. Why not give them their own IRL (in real life) filter?

Heartland is happy to announce a new product to our offerings, Best Bronze. The products range from a foundation-like lotion for full coverage, mixing agents to ensure the perfect shade for anyone, application tools, spray-on leg perfectors that eliminate the need for stockings, and skin illumination for a glow that doesn’t fade. Check them out on our website, or ask your Business Support Representative for more information. We’ll give you the tools, you supply the magic.