It's Ok to Be "Off"

You plan the perfect vacation cruise and are looking for items to take with you. The problem is where do you find beach towels, SPF, and other items in the fall and winter? Your salon, that’s where!

Many winter vacationers visit tanning salons to get that beautiful glow before their trip. Why not tempt them with items they can’t find in other places? Summer’s “off” season is your time to shine. Your competition is limited during these months so it’s the perfect time to showcase those boutique and specialty items.

And don’t forget the Holiday shopping crowd. Most people would rather not fight the hoards of people shopping during the Holiday season. Why not have special items they can purchase when they come into tan? You’re saving them time, which is in short supply this time of year. Make stocking stuffers, hard-to-find items, and specialty products, along with body & skincare items your ticket to capturing off-season sales.

Give yourself a pat on the back, your genius marketing will have you singing Fa-La-La-La- La.. all the way to the bank.