Ready, Set, Slow

It’s officially Summer and salons are seeing a decline in tanners. What now? Each year J.A.S.O.N sneaks in around Memorial Day and kills tanning business almost as fast as camp counselors in a horror movie. So how do you maintain profits? Here are 4 ideas on how to level the playing field.

1.-Expand your business. 

When you can't compete with the sun, change your business model (slightly). Choose a niche such as jewelry, clothing, candles, or accessories, and become “the” place to shop for these items or services. 2020 did a number on small businesses leaving shoppers fewer options for shopping. Capitalize on this by offering these and turn your service business into a retail business. Focus your marketing exclusively on these items during slow months and use employees as product ambassadors. Invite customers to tag you in posts of them using or wearing items purchased in your salon by offering a free tan.


2.- Hold Events

Slower months are a great time to hold in-salon events. Take advantage of the summer wedding crowds by offering Bride Nights. Team up with other local businesses such as Bridal Stores, Hair Salons, Nail Techs, Makeup Artist, Photographers, Wedding Planners, and bands to create a referral network. Host the event and supply light snacks and tons of information for a one-stop-shop for their event.

Hold a New Product Reveal with a new product or service. Create excitement by marketing as an exclusive first look event where customers register to come with a friend to try a new product or service for a discounted fee.

Have a massive sale. Take products you’re discontinuing or are overstocked on and have a one-day sidewalk sale. Hold off on other promotions and then offer huge savings during this event.  


3.- Ramp up your sunless business

The majority of clients that spray tan avoid sun exposure. Everyone wants to have color in the summer months. Market your Sunless heavy during this time. Don’t just rely on services either. Not everyone is comfortable being sprayed wearing little clothing. Make sure you have any and every option they will need to create a glow at home.


4.- Evaluate Your Hours of Operation

If your business is slow save yourself some expense by shortening your hours. This will eliminate employees getting bored and being paid for little work as well as save on utilities. It is also a great way to give employees time to enjoy their summer as well (remember the branding above). This gives them a chance to use your products outside of work and post about them on social media.



Let your creativity open you up to out-of-the-box thinking and rid yourself of “seasonal” status.