How Do You Spell Summer? S.P.F.

This week we celebrate the first days of Summer. Many of your customers will be spending time outdoors showing off the gorgeous tan they achieved with you. It is super important that you remember 3 things.

1.)- Educating your customers on the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. In a salon, tans are created in a controlled environment. But who controls how much time one spends enjoying themselves outdoors? No one. Even those with a tan can run the risk of overexposure. Talking with your customers about S.P.F. and protection not only saves them the pain of dealing with a burn but also ensures that they don’t miss opportunities to tan with you as sunburns create missed sessions. This is also a great way to increase revenue during the summer months.

2.)- Your customers are probably buying it anyway at big box stores. Just as you can get orangey self-tanners at the local drug store that are sub-par with products you carry the same is true for sunscreen. Many of the big-name brands in these stores contain chemicals, are bad for ocean life, and just plain don’t work. By consulting with your customers about the investment they have made in their tan and how they can protect it (and the look and health of their skin) will once again solidify your position in their mind as the expert.

3.)- This is a great way to attract new sunless customers. As we learned recently at the Mind Your Business Owners Retreat from Brandon Cardinal from Norvell, your sunless customers typically are not your U.V. customers. Sunless customers are concerned with sun exposure and are very much buying sunscreens. Marketing sunscreen can bring in new sunless customers.

Get creative and spread the word. It’s time to think outside the box and expand your market. Don’t compete with big-box retailers, dominate them.