Quarantine Crazy: 4 Strange at Home Tanning Hacks.

We think everyone is going a little stir crazy, and with all this extra time on people's hands we are seeing some clever, and some misguided tanning related hacks. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most popular tanning hacks during the lockdown and see if you think they are genius, or insane.

Tanning Hack #1- Using sunless products to contour your face.

This one has been around for a few years and several brave tanners have tried this makeup alternative. The hack is you apply a tanning lotion or foam with a brush to the area of the face your would normally contour such as the forehead, hollows of cheeks, sides of the nose, and jawline. Using a makeup brush helps blur the application lines and create a seamless transition. Then sleep in your sunless not rinsing until the next morning and behold your new chiseled complexion. While this hack has been proven to work you do have to have some experience with the application of either makeup or sunless.


Tanning Hack #2- Using Cocoa as a cosmetic bronzer

Lockdown has some pasty gals running to their pantry to look for help. And before we judge imagine being without your favorite sunless tech or UV tanning salon and no way to fix your ghostly appearance. With this hack, you combine Cocoa powder with your favorite moisturizer. While it does give you brown color if not mixed well you will definitely end up with brown streaks and an uneven appearance. Also, since it is only cosmetic once you add water say buh-bye to your color. In our opinion this hack is whack. We suggest saving your cocoa powder for something delicious, like the whipped drink trend!


Tanning Hack #3- Using sunless tanner to darken eyebrows

Who doesn’t love a pair of luscious brows? Of course, sitting in quarantine is the best time to try this hack since if it doesn’t work you will return to your normally sparse look in 5-7 days. But if it does work then you just saved yourself a few extra minutes each morning. Directions are using an angled brush carefully place a dark sunless product over your brows (if you are not familiar with taming your brows or filling them in you may want to ask for help so the shape is not off) clean up around browns with q-tip and use a spooly to brush brows making sure product is dispersed evenly. After an hour use a wet q-tip to rub off solution on each end closest to your nose so it is not overly dark. Get some beauty sleep and awaken to some crazy dark brows in the morning. Wash off being careful not to get in your eyes and voila, brows that even Brooke Shields would envy. Note- we have not tried this hack so if it really works is a mystery.


Tanning Hack #4- Brew tanning

Ok, so this is by far the craziest hack we have seen. This hack involves alcohol so sorry kids, this is not for you. They claim the yeast in beer accelerates the tanning process. Directions are to grab your favorite (or least favorite) brewski and apply all over your body before sun exposure. We are pretty sure this one is a fail, not to mention will leave you smelling like you spent the night in a drunk tank. Good luck driving after trying this as we are pretty sure no officer is going to buy the “I used beer as a tanning lotion” excuse if you are pulled over.


We hope these hacks at the very least make you chuckle. If you have tried any of these let us know! Oh and share pictures or it didn’t happen. ☺