Germ Free Is The Way To Be!

As Jasmine sings in Aladdin it’s a whole new world out there. Moving forward personal protection from germs and viruses will be the new normal. Far after the dust settles from our current pandemic people will be more conscious about making sure they are safe. This means products like disinfectants, anti-bacterial, and sanitizers will be hot commodities. Having these items not only in your business but for purchase is essential. If you are re-opening or have already you will need to be ready to fill this need.


Heartland is continually sourcing the best products available to our industry to supply your business. We have included some helpful information on the current hand sanitizers we offer so you can choose what is best for you.


The newest product in this category this line has cute packaging with simple language even children will get. I Don’t Want Germs On My Hands (who does?) gets straight to the point of why customers need this in their car, purse, gym bag, backpack, desk, or basically anywhere they go. It is available in a 2oz convenient travel size, an 8oz bottle, and a 32oz refill.


Hempz Triple Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Everyone loves Hempz! They are great for restoring hydration to hands and counteracting the dryness of alcohol. A trusted brand following makes it an easily recognized product to consumers. Bundled with the Hempz Triple Moisturizer it also makes a fantastic gift! This is also available in three sizes, 2.25oz mini, 8.5oz, and the beloved Limited Edition 17oz bottle.


Norvell Hand Sanitizer

Norvell saw a need to help during our pandemic and jumped at the opportunity to fill a void in our country. While they may be new to the sanitizer arena their years of experience in producing products that help bronze and nourish skin, as well as their manufacturing ability, made them the perfect company to transition into this market. Their hand sanitizer also contains a whopping 80% alcohol! Available in an 8oz and Gallon refill it is perfect for salon use.



In March of 2020, they saw a need in the community. They dropped everything and switched gears with the mission of giving back and creating a product to help where needed most. Made in Minnesota Wash 20 is a call to action and a reminder that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds greatly reduces the spread of germs. 

This 18oz bottle has a sidekick, the 12oz Hand Soap creating a one, two punch against the spread of germs and viruses.


DC Hand Sanitizer

Devoted Creations DC Instant Hand Sanitizer is made with Aloe and Vitamin E and produced in the USA. It’s 62% alcohol content that kills 99% of germs in 20 seconds. Available in a 12oz bottle.


Make your own!

California Tans Sunless Perfecting Primer can be mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol to make a multi-benefit product out of something your customers are already using.


Enjoy your day..... germ-free.