Preperation is Key

Here we sit at the beginning of October. Plans for the holidays are underway and soon it will be New Year’s. Have you thought about the 2022 season yet?

It’s never too early to start planning.

Picture this, you’re driving with your spouse, and you need to get something to eat. The dreaded phrase “I don’t know what sounds good to you?” is spoken. You spend time, and gas driving around trying to decide and end up eating something mediocre. Now let’s put a plan in place for this same scenario. Knowing you will need to stop and eat at some point you look at your route and notice there is a restaurant you both enjoy but do not get to visit often. You call and make reservations then surprise your spouse by taking them to enjoy a nice dinner with time to spare allowing you a stress-free travel experience. In both cases you end up at the same place, however, situation 1 has you stressed and unfulfilled. Situation 2 has you relaxed, satisfied, and excited to make the trip again.   

Your business runs the same way. Sure, you can wing it through but in the end, you will be left stressed, unfulfilled, and thinking of running away. Having a plan gives you a clear goal or objective to meet so you are not aimlessly wasting your time, energy, and money allowing you to not only survive year to year but to thrive as well.

Each year Heartland hosts an Expo to “jump-start” your season, and this has always been something salons look forward to in their planning. Getting employees engaged and charged for the season while giving product knowledge and industry insights is what we are known for. However, your goals must evolve and change too so that your business continues to grow and be successful. That is why we are investing in new tools to help your staff exceed your current expectations. This year’s focus will be not only on product knowledge but empowering you and your staff with sales tools to take your salon to the next level of business.

We know that these events not only take staff away from your business but are also a necessary expense. That is why a plan is so important. Just as our Retreat sold out last spring, we anticipate the Bootcamp will also reach capacity. By registering today not only do you solidify your spot at the event, but it also allows you time to plan coverage. While we recommend bringing as many staff as possible, you should at least bring your best trainers or senior staff members so that they can pass on these tools to others and even new hires you haven’t hired yet.

Whatever your plans are for the 2022 season they should include the Product Prep & Retail Coaching Bootcamp on February 4th and 5th. Visit and register while space is still available.