Keep Calm and Tan On! Six Things You Can Do During a Pandemic

It’s a strange time in the world right now. Everyone is stuck in the same “what do I do now” mindset. It is difficult to remain positive when the immediate future is in such turmoil. We must all focus on the fact that “This too shall pass”. But what about the here and now? What can we do to ensure our business and our industry reach the end of the tunnel better than we entered it?

  1. Stay calm. There is enough fear and panic in the world. Your customers are dealing with the same fears you are, as is everyone. It is easy to lose sight of this when you have customers placing their frustration on you but stay strong, be fair, and remain positive.
  2. If you remain open, take extra steps to make your customers feel at ease. Talk to them about your cleaning process and guidelines you have in place to protect their health. Post videos on your social media showing how you clean and disinfect your salon and equipment. Take appointments to ensure you have only a few tanners at a time. Be aware of space when working with customers.
  3. If you close, use this time to take online pieces of training and classes. Create a training video for new hires. Perform salon maintenance, deep clean, paint, replace lamps or acrylics, anything you can do to ensure that when your business does resume you are more ready than you have ever been.
  4. Give back to customers or your community in some way. Find a way to help that doesn’t cost you anything financially. It could be your time, expertise, or skills.
  5. Do you have boutique items? Create sales online to keep money coming in during this time.
  6. Ask customers for help. Whether it is adding a review of your salon to google or your social media pages, referring friends, or buying gift certificates to use once things level out, it all helps.


We are all in this together. If there is something we can do to help please reach out to us. Together we will emerge from this challenge stronger than we went in.