Jeepers Creepers, Protect your Peepers!

Your eyes are the windows to the soul, and a window that lets in colds and viruses! Some of us probably remember getting those little pink tablets from the dentist to help us see where we missed during brushing. You would chew it up and it turned your entire mouth pink. Then you brush to remove all the pink. This would show you that even though you brushed your teeth there were spots you were missing daily. Ok now think about how kids wash their hands. Even after they have washed, as parents you still see dirt under nails and other areas that were missed. But what about the things you can’t see? Germs, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike dirt on hands or those magical pink tablets, you cannot see contamination on eyewear.

You might be thinking “We sell them eyewear, so they only use their own.” That is great, but how many of your customers have been trained to properly take care of their eyewear? How many of them throw them in their purse, car, or wherever else for them to attract dirt and grime? What about salons that provide eyewear and disinfect them? It is easy for germs to linger in the air as we have seen during this pandemic and something as innocent as rubbing your own face (which is done without thinking several times an hour) can easily eliminate any disinfecting that was done when they are being moved.

Salons are well trained in cleaning eyewear and disinfecting but there is only one way to be sure the eyewear you are applying to your face is clean, and that is disposable eyewear. Your eyes are mucous membranes and are extremely susceptible to transmission of viruses such as COVID 19. Wink-Ease brand has been supplying quality disposable eyewear for salons for decades. They are inexpensive monetarily but priceless when you consider they not only protect your eyes from UV but also from sickness.

Wink-Ease is available in the original Gold version and the roomier Lash-Room version (great for false lashes and lash extensions). The simplest choice, the safest choice, is Wink-Ease. Protect your eyes!