Don't Stop Service!

What a crazy year we have had so far! As salons reopen post COVID, it is important to remember all the great ways you serviced your customers during the quarantine. Remember the live videos? What about the curbside pickup service? Promoting products via social media, and of course Personal Protection from viruses. Don’t turn your ship around and go back to the way you did business before. Now you need to incorporate these into your business model and go full steam ahead.

The marketing you did during the shutdowns was vital and still is. Platforms such as TikTok make it easy to make fun videos showcasing your salon, staff, and merchandise. They are easily shareable on your other platforms as well. Not to mention a great way to market to new customers. Connecting with customers increases sales and creates lifelong customers.

Social distancing is still a thing. By offering customers a way to shop your business before coming in you increase your reach within your community. Create an easy enjoyable way for your customers to browse your products at their leisure without the worry of being exposed to others. Have their purchase packaged up and ready for them when they arrive. Make it special by adding a thank you card with an incentive to make future purchases.

Speaking of Social Distancing, items such as masks, hand sanitizers, and cleaner are still necessities. Having these on hand creates not only a sense of safety but also amazing impulse buys. People are eager to help small businesses as they can relate to being shut down or without income. Continue to show your customers you care about their health and the cleanliness of your salon.

Lastly, have the items your customers want. Being confined to our homes was tough and people are ready to getaway. However, many pools and other destinations are still closed or not opening this year. This is a great reason to come in and tan, buy those new sunglasses, a new hat, or any other fun summer item. Small inexpensive items can boost one's self-esteem and create joy when things are chaotic.

How are you stepping up your services? We want to hear from you.