Finding Great Employees

It’s hard to find amazing staff. Usually, a help wanted ad is a waste of time. So how do you find good employees? Here are some tips to get the right help in your salon.


Do you have a staffer you wish you could clone? Recruit them in the search. They know what it takes to perform on the job. Offer them a bonus is they can refer staff with the same skills. Put them in charge of finding and training. If the new hire passes the test after a set time period reward the staffer that brought them in.

Out and About

Did you visit another business such as a restaurant or retail establishment and receive exceptional service? Entice them to come work for you. Offer them a complimentary tan to come in and visit with you about employment opportunities. It’s a nice way to get them on your turf while showing them how much you appreciated the experience.


Your Customers

Have a customer with great color and an even better attitude? Ask them about part-time help. Between being out of work or just needing some extra holiday money you might find the perfect match.


New employees need training. Heartland has several options to assist you in training new staff members. We hope some of these tips help you find your next superstar!