Bringing Back Old School Service Part 1

For almost 40 years Heartland has prided itself on making service the heart of our business. We humbly believe in the value of relationships not only with our customers but also with our vendor partners, industry professionals, as well as our competition.  Our family-oriented persona is 100% authentic.

It’s not uncommon at one of our events to notice that we encourage the building of relationships. Between staff, customers, vendor partners, and fellow salon owners. To us, these events are the equivalent of having close family and friends visit, and we are going to make sure that everyone is well taken care of. We call this white-glove treatment, but at its core, it is showing those around you, kindness and appreciation.

With Thanksgiving coming, we thought this would be an excellent time to highlight the service practices of long ago. It seems with technology and the challenges of today this simple habit of being kind has been forgotten. Today we are kicking off a 5-part series on bringing back old school service starting with Gratitude.

As children, we are taught that it is polite to say Thank You something that is often overlooked in today’s age. However, the significance of showing gratitude to others is as important as ever. What impact would it make on your customers if you or your staff thanked them, sincerely at the end of each visit? At first, they may not notice, however that tiny acknowledgment will stick with them. They may start to recognize that they do not get the same level of service from other businesses and start to use you as a reference of what things “should” be like. It is that level of service that will make your salon stand out and create repeat business and referrals.

We love to appreciate our customers, it's as much fun for us as it is for them. Customer Appreciation Days (or CAD as we call them) are our opportunity to show without a doubt how important to us a customer’s decision is when choosing a distribution partner. On these days we like to challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to make a lasting impression. How could you do this for your customers?

On November 22-24 we are extending our one-day CAD to a 3-day event so that we can go into Thanksgiving knowing we have shown those who make it possible for us to continue in this industry how much we value them. We hope you will join us.