Feeling A Little Over Exposed?

No matter how much you try and educate customers on how to tan properly there are always the few individuals that get a little too much sun. Whether it is in the salon or outside. Being the expert, it is your job to make sure that in the event of over exposure you have solutions for your customers.  Helping a customer get through too much UV exposure will reinforce your expertise and keep them coming back to you for all their skin care needs.

Here are some amazing products to offer in your salon to help ease the discomfort of over exposure and begin the healing process


Australian Golds  Aloe Freeze Gel or Soothing Aloe 

Aloe has long been known for its healing benefits.
These products soften and revitalize minor burns,
skin irritations and rough dry skin.  The Aloe Freeze Gel
also contains Lidocaine for fast pain relief while cooling the skin.



California Tans Total Relief Gel

This one is a favorite around here. Many of our Support Reps swear by this. It supports skin recovery and minimizes peeling with revitalizing nutrients.

Hempz After Sun Cooling Spray

The natural menthol cools and soothes skin on contact and restores moisture loss leaving it refreshed. We love that it is a mist, as it is so easy to apply.


Cucumber After Sun Cooling Mask

The cucumber powder is rich in vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin after a day of fun in the sun.

What are your go to products or advice to customers? As always, the best way to deal with over exposure is to prevent it.

Tan slow and responsibly and use an SPF outdoors.