Why Ear Candling Is Good For Your Business

What is Ear Candling?


Simply put, Ear Candling is lighting a specialized candle on one end and putting the other end in your ear. The heat from the candle draws out moisture from the ear and has been known to help with a myriad of health issues. Such as:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus and Throat irritation
  • Balance
  • Calming
  • Cold Relief
  • Tinnitus

 Some will only use ear candling once or twice a year while others such as those with Tinnitus may use bi-weekly for relief of ringing in the ears. The product Heartland carries is all natural, organic, and made from beeswax.

Ear Candling as a service

  • Heartland sells a bulk container of 50 individual candles.
  • A candling service generally runs $35-$50 a session.
  • So for 50 clients you have just made roughly $1644-$2394 in profit by performing a service in your salon.

Candling for retail

  • Don’t have staff for an in-salon service.
  • Heartland also carries an all-in-one kit containing
    • 2 candles, matches, and a box that serves as a protective plate to catch any ash that may fall.
    • These create a great add on sale especially during allergy season and cold and flu season, although the benefits can be felt year-round.

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