Fall In Love

New products are right around the corner, but it is not often we get new items in the Fall. THIS year, however, we are obsessed with some of these new arrivals. Here’s why: 

First, can we talk about the dry bags for a moment? Super cute and just the right size. Unlike the super huge bags that you typically see, these are perfect for toting a towel, drink, sunglasses, SPF, and a wallet. Splash away, your items remain safe and dry without feeling like you brought your luggage.  

Moving on to something that makes it ridiculously enjoyable to make healthy decisions. FGBG vitamins are not only jam-packed with everything your body craves, but they’re also insanely delicious! Treat yourself to something that tastes like a snack while improving skin, hair, and health. The daily dose packs mean you can take them with you to enjoy. If only tacos did the same thing.  

Next, we have the wonder pillow. Perfect for migraines, cramps, or just easing everyday stress, these gel pillows can be used cold or hot depending on your needs. We can’t stop finding excuses to use them. Marketing tip: Pop these babies in a cooler or refrigerator and sell them to use during tanning sessions for an upcharge. The coolness mixed with the warmth of the tanning bed makes for a great tanning experience! 

Finally, it wouldn’t be Fall without the Pumpkin Spice, and Apple fragrance lotions so of course we are crushing on the Hempz Limited Edition products as well as The Potted Plant releases. Nothing gets you in the mood to decorate or watch leaves change colors like the smell of Pumpkin and Apple. It’s almost cuddle weather, and we are here for it! 

What product are you excited to try?