Are You Maximizing Your Opportunities?

Sometimes you forget what it was like being new in this industry. You can take for granted the information you have collected over the years. Like what does a tingle do? What is the difference between a natural bronzer, a cosmetic bronzer, and a DHA bronzer? Seems simple right? Not if you are just starting out. While these are all questions a new member of the industry might ask, what about the items they don’t know exist in the first place? 

Recently we saw a comment stating that a salon owner had never known there were rebates, or programs available to Salon Owners and we were a bit taken aback. This however sparked an idea to talk about all the opportunities available so that no one is left in the dark. For some, this may be a refresher but stay with us. You never know what you might find you never thought to ask…


Promotions, Specials, and Instant Rebates

Between Manufacturer specials, Distributor specials, and discounts, odds are you are going to save on whatever you are looking to purchase to retail in your salon. Each month manufacturers release purchase incentive specials. These are the same regardless of the distributor you are working with. Additionally, Distributors typically will have an additional list of specials running during the month or specific days of the month. For instance, Heartland produces a Calendar of monthly specials, hosts flash sales, and our favorite Customer Appreciation Days (these are super-saving events). Tan Incorporated gives “instant rebate” savings by giving 2 free packets for each bottle purchased or a free half gallon pump with the purchase of a case of 12 on most of their products.

Planning your purchases, and specials in your salon based on these deals will increase your bottom line and ensure you are keeping a variety of products rotating through your space so that customers are always enticed to try something new.


Exclusive Programs

Looking to maximize your savings even more? Check your shelves. Are a majority of your products made by the same company? Loyalty to brands could be paying you dividends. Many of the larger brands in our industry host some type of loyalty program. These can include monthly specials only available to those signed with that brand, branded swag for the salon, marketing assistance, and even cold hard cash! The terms for each of these programs can vary but are free for salons to participate in. Our reps can assist you with information in choosing a program that works best for your business.



Even if you are not signed with an exclusive program, you may still be eligible for rebates on products you have purchased. An important part of choosing a distribution partner is finding one who is constantly looking out for your benefit. When a manufacturer's rebate deadline is approaching, Heartland runs a report for every salon to see if they qualify. We then send the salon all of the information needed to submit for their rebates. The downside is ordering from several different distributors. Unless you know the rebate programs well there is a chance you will miss a payout, here is why: Say you order 50 bottles from one distributor, and 50 bottles from another, and each bottle is spiffed for $0.50 each. Maybe the program has a $50 qualifying amount. When the reports are run each distributor comes up with a total of $25 for rebates. Since it is less than the $50 you would not qualify, however, if you had ordered all 100 bottles from the same place you would be receiving a check for $50. Keeping track of every single product you purchase all year can be quite a task. Heartland tracks these for you so you have less stress when it is time to cash in.


Trainings and Events

Our industry has no shortage of training available to you, from free webinars, Online programs, and in-person events. Heartland not only offers you information and access to these types of events, but we also invest in hosting several every year! Often there are specials and gifts included.


Whatever is available for you to succeed, Heartland is here to help you attain it.