How Often Should You Replace Your Beauty Tools?

You are going to want to save this! We have gathered all the details on cleaning and replacing your beauty tools in one place. Enjoy!

Facial Rollers

Rose Quartz is a non-porous meaning they will not absorb any skincare products during use, however, to ensure that you are not creating a prime environment for breakouts it is recommended that you wipe them down after each use with a damp microfiber cloth. For a deeper clean simply use the cleanser you use on your face, rinse with water thoroughly, and dry with a towel or by setting out. Do not store wet. It is not recommended to use bleach or harsh chemicals as they will strip away the protective layer.  It is normal for the hardware on the facial roller to change color. If your roller begins to squeak, simply rub olive or coconut oil in the palm of your hand and then run the roller back and forth on your palm until it stops.


Your mouth can be a nasty place. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months to ensure bacteria accumulation is minimal. Also, replace if the bristles become worn as they will be less effective at removing debris from your teeth and gums.

Makeup Brushes

These will drastically depend on the type of brush and how well they are cared for. While it is ideal to wash brushes after each use sometimes this simply isn’t practical. Misting with a brush cleaner or alcohol solution will at least help keep bacteria at bay. For foundation and concealer brushes, it is recommended to wash at least once a week since these brushes have tighter bristles and hold on to the product. Using a dirty brush for these products will give you’re a streaky finish. For powder brushes, you can go 2 weeks. In a hurry? Mist brush with brush cleaner and swab on a microfiber towel. For powders, you can skip the cleaner as the microfiber will take most of the product off itself. If brushes lose their shape after washing or start shedding bristles excessively it is time to ditch them for a new set.

Lash curlers

Since these are used so close to the eyes you should wipe with alcohol after each use to prevent spreading bacteria to the eyes. Change rubber grips every few months since they can hold bacteria. If your curler is metal, consider deep cleaning once a month by placing it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes.

Makeup Removing Cloths

Because these are washable, they last a long time. Depending on how often you use them they could last a year or longer. Replace once they show wear. Hand washing and hanging to dry will help it last longer.

Nail Files

While it is recommended to change out traditional emery board nail files every 3 months, Crystal nail files if taken care of can last for more than a year.

Brow and Facial Razors

This will depend on how often you are using them. Unlike body razors that are used daily or multiple times a week, you may only use these a few times a month. It is best to judge by how they are working at cutting the hair. If they feel like they are getting dull you should discard them for a new one. If using on face to dermaplane wipe down with alcohol wipe after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.


If taken care of and wiped down with rubbing alcohol after each use you may never have to replace it. Find one you like, if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Facial Cleansing Brushes

You work hard to take care of your skin. Make sure you are not introducing unnecessary bacteria and causing breakouts by replacing them every 2-3 months.

Makeup Sponges

Even with cleaning sponges hold water and bacteria. Wash daily and replace every 3 months. To wash wet thoroughly and scrub with facial cleanser or bar soap, rinse well and dry completely. For an extra clean place in a clean coffee mug with water and a couple of pumps of soap. Wet sponge and then submerge completely in soap and water mixture. Microwave cup for about a minute then let cool before grabbing it. Your sponge should be clean and water dirty. Rinse the sponge squeezing out excess water and let it air dry.

Micro Needlers/ Dermarollers

It is important to clean these before and after use. Before use rinse under warm water for a few seconds. After use rinse again then place in a cup with alcohol or peroxide for 10 minutes. This will prevent infection. Derma rollers are good for between 10-15 uses. If you are using it often, you might consider replacing it every month.


Brushes need to be cleaned, often. Experts suggest replacing every 6 months. You can prolong their life by washing with shampoo and hot water. Once bristles show wear or brush begins to crack it is time to toss.

Hair Ties

Believe it or not, you CAN get an infection from your hair tie. How many of these do you have in the bottom of your purse, car floor, bathroom sink, insert gross area here. You need to tie your hair back and desperately grab the first one you find. Fabric and elastic hairband hold in dirt and bacteria. It is better to choose one made from artificial resin. These can be washed easily. Bonus, unlike other hair bands that lose their shape over time, these can be brought back to their original shape easily by applying heat from your hairdryer.

Now go clean up your beauty routine!