Face Masks Are Here to Stay

Raise your hand if you like to wear a face mask. Anyone? No one? We get it, but in these uncertain times, it has become a necessity. Several states are mandating that masks be worn in public. This means your customers will need to have a mask to visit your business. You have 3 options:

      1. Provide masks free of charge to guests so that they may continue to utilize tanning services and make purchases.  

      2. Sell masks to guests to use during visits.

      3. Do not have masks on hand and risk losing a customer or sale because they do not have one to wear in the salon.


Heartland offers several types of masks, disposable, N95, and cloth. We recommend the disposable masks for guests and N95 and cloth for staff. Depending on your staff’s and your comfort levels you can layer the cloth over the N95 or simply wear the cloth. We recommend putting your salon logo or a witty catchphrase on the mask to help make guests feel at ease.

Our cloth masks come in solid black or reversible with inspiring words on one side and solid black on the other. The dark color helps them not look dirty or dingy. Be sure you educate your staff on being cognitive of facial expressions. While wearing a mask it is hard to judge other people’s expressions. Have them practice smiling in the masks to help the rest of the face appear friendly.

While we do recommend having masks in your salon, we do not recommend tanning with them on. Happy tanning!