Hype Up the Troops!

How has your Summer started off? Are you still busy? Is your staff still motivated? It’s normal to get down with day to day life, add in all the negativity in 2020, and well, you might have a deflated team behind the counter. It is time to pump them back up and get them excited to create an amazing customer experience.

Take a moment each day to tell every staff member something good they are doing or an encouraging word. Say things like “You’re Amazing”, or “You’re Awesome”. Not in the salon? Have your manager do it but first make sure you say something great to them. Hearing positive affirmations creates a sense of confidence and wellbeing. Even if they have had a rough day before their shift this can reset their mindset.

Little things can make a huge difference in how customers are treated. And happy customers are good for business. What do you do to create a positive work environment? We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, go out and spread some sunshine!