Choosing The Right CBD For Your Salon

The world of CBD has exploded in the last few years as consumers find it to help with all sorts of things. The demand for these products has created a large business opportunity for salons to increase their profits with an item that does not fall into a seasonal category. But in the wild west of any new product the information and regulations can leave you a bit confused.

CBD companies are popping up everywhere, and not all products are created equally. With limited regulations currently there are CBD products out there that contain contaminants, metals, and some with no CBD at all. Some products tested that claim to be THC free in fact were not. Dr. Oz featured this concern on his show testing different CBD products on the market and the results were shocking.

So how is one to know what products are safe? There are some key things to look for when choosing a product such as where is the hemp grown, does the company offer 3rd party independent testing from a reputable lab, and can they provide the information to the consumer. Heartland works with reputable companies and researches what brands are reputable. Taking the guess work out for you. Let’s break this down further to see why these things are important.

Where is the hemp grown? Just like other items produced overseas quality can be an issue. Regulations in other countries can be far less stringent as they are here. This means there could be chemicals used in the farming and other contaminants. In addition, even products grown within the US may contain items unwanted. It is important to find out where the hemp is grown and under what conditions.

3rd Party testing. Peace of mind is important. Especially when putting items in your body. Any company is going to tell you their product is good but by being able to provide you an unbiased test result is priceless. Remember- to be federally legal products must contain less than .3% THC.

While CBD is federally legal in all 50 states there are still some states where CBD is illegal on the state level. Always check your local laws before deciding to sell CBD products.

Heartland is happy to take some of the guess work out for you by offering quality CBD products. And with so many options you are sure to have something for every CBD user.