Is Your Salon Ready For Cold And Flu Season?

The weather changes, Holiday stress hits and we spend more time gathered around Family and Friends. Your immune system kicks into overdrive fighting off germs, viruses, and all the things that get passed from person to person. Now is the time to start planning. Tanning can help increase Vitamin D which can strengthen your immune system. It also can improve mood and relaxation helps relieve stress. So simply offering UV tanning services you are helping fight sickness.

But what can you offer in addition? We have several items that can help prevent or relieve symptoms during this time of year. The first item we would like to share is Hempz Hand Sanitizer. Have you ever seen the experiment where you add glitter to water on your hand, then you shake hands with someone else, who then shakes hands with another person? You will see the glitter is spread to each person much like germs and viruses are. Regular use of hand sanitizer is crucial during Cold season. Hempz Hand Sanitizer also contains moisturizers to ensure the drying effects of the sanitizer don’t leave your hands feeling like sandpaper.

CBD is another great way to keep the body in peak shape from the inside out. We have several delivery methods from tinctures, gummies, drinks, and capsules.

But what if you do come down with something? Then what? Ear Candling can help with clogged ears and sinuses. Our natural Beeswax candles give you a holistic approach to feeling better quickly. Having trouble breathing from congestion? Try Boom Boom Nasal inhalers to open up sinus passages and elevate mood and increase focus at the same time. Boost Oxygen is another good product to help relieve congestion symptoms.

Finally spend some time letting your body heal by relaxing with either the Detox or Cold and Flu bubbling bath salts. They help rid your body of toxins and help you breathe while relieving stress and anxiety.

Offering these items gives your customers a reason to come in even if they are not tanning. Help them feel better and gain new customers in the process.