A Glow That Is All Mine!

New products are arriving right and left. It’s exciting, but also hard to keep up with learning about each one. Today we are going to give you the scoop on the latest newbies to hit our dock from Mine Tan.

 First up is the Hydra Glow Sleep Serum. Holy hydration in a bottle batman! This baby is our new bedtime B.F.F. This fast-absorbing serum contains anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve stressed out puffy skin. The Triple-Action Hyaluronic Acid provides an instant moisture boost that gives ongoing hydration for hours after application. It is intended for use before bed to wake up to glowing skin, but it is lightweight enough to pair under makeup application as well.

Speaking of pairing, our second product to mention can be used with the above Hydra Glow or any serum of your choice as well as your daily moisturizer. Introducing Glow Drops your secret weapon for a customized glow. Infused with 7 (yes seven) luxurious oils and vitamin C give a radiant finish to your skin. Use to create a gradual glow to your complexion, or to add depth to your self-tan or spray tan color. How glow you go is up to you!

Looking to build or extend your tan? Our third arrival gives a gradual, subtle color that compliments all skin tones and types. Unlike the drugstore brands, this white lotion is paraben, palm oil, mineral oil, and sulfate-free. No orange tones or fake tan smell here. Infused with Coconut, Argan, Macadamia Nut, and Grapeseed oil your skin is left touchable, soft, and glowing.

Our final addition to this brand is the Wonder Tan Foam an ultimate skin therapy experience for an ultra-long-lasting, deeper, more natural-looking tan. Formulated from plant-derived hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, B3, C, and E for visibly plumper, softer, and rejuvenated skin. This lightweight, fast-drying foam will give you iconic bronze color in as little as an hour. For deeper results wait up to 3 hours before rinsing for an iconic bronze bombshell color your skin will thank you for.

We have so many more new product surprises coming soon. It’s going to be a great season!