A Million Little Things

There is so much more to being a distributor than shipping products, at least for Heartland Tan. Just as we pride ourselves on exquisite customer service, we take the same pride in protecting your investment before you even know you want it.

It starts with purchasing. Our purchasing department orders enough to fulfill our customers’ needs without overbuying and letting products sit in our warehouse. We feel you deserve the freshest product in the industry, and we aim to deliver it.

Still, before you ever even know you want a product; we are working for you. We put great detail in our catalog, so you have a reference guide to the products we carry. We partner with vendors for educational webinars as well as hosting two annual, in-person events so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions on your business and the products you chose for it. Then we take advantage of celebrating you on our Customer Appreciation Days, so you can capture additional savings.

Education doesn’t end there. Our Heartland Family is comprised of years of knowledge from our Business Support Reps who have tenures ranging from 3-30 years in the tanning industry. That knowledge is priceless to our customers in making decisions or products, and equipment.

Once products reach our warehouse our receiving crew inspects them for damages. We spot check for issues such as loose caps, label errors, bottles damaged during shipment, or any other things that may cause you not to receive the quality products you purchased.

Once received it finds its home in our warehouse depending on the product makeup. Some products that are sensitive to either hot or cold temperatures are kept in our dedicated temperature-controlled room. Heartland understands that the life of a product between the manufacturer and consumer is important. Therefore, we’ve invested in a way to store these products at the ideal temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the products' stay in our facility, they are rotated and, quality checked for expiration or defects.

You place your order, it’s now go time! To err is human, so to help eliminate errors and speed up shipping times Heartland invested in a “Pick to Light” system which helps reduce the wrong products being shipped and makes it easier and faster for items to be pulled for the order. Once pulled orders go through another quality check to ensure items are correct and being shipped as they should be. Then it is off to packing.

Great care and effort are taken in packaging your orders to ensure you get what you ordered safely and in one piece. Lamps for instance are double boxed, and for shipments where full cases are not shipping an expandable foam is used to give stability and secure the lamps to lessen the chance of damage.

Heartland is still protecting your investment after as well with the largest parts inventory and our Heartland “Tech Squad” to help diagnose and fix the most aggravating problems and keep your equipment repaying you year after year.


It takes everyone here at Heartland to protect the investments of our customers. A million little things happen every day to ensure our customers get the best there is. The details are just one of the many things that set us apart!

Heartland Tan Distribution Warehouse