5 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, how are you promoting it? Check out these 5 ways to make dad feel special this Father’s Day.


  • Superhero Spray – Even dads get insecure about their looks. The farmer's tan they sport is likely from maintaining the lawn, vehicles, or house. Maybe it is from the car window running kids around, or spending time at the ball field coaching? Even it out with a superhero glow with a sunless session and let him know it’s cool to rock that pair of shorts and tank you hate…
  • Make Him Smile- Dad gives you lots to smile about, help him boost his with an ibright Whitening system. Since it works off your phone he can whiten anywhere, even while driving the kids around to embarrass them.
  • CBDad – Dad works hard for the family. Ease his aches and pains with CBD while helping restore his energy and vitality.
  • Tame the Beast – Beast products are favored by men everywhere. While their shampoos and body washes are great for anyone they really appeal to guys and include specialty products just for them that keep them cool and comfortable all summer long.
  • Cool Dude- Let’s face it, some men don’t know the first thing about skincare. Give him a hand by creating a gift box containing all he needs such as:
  • Moisturizing lotion- We like Pro Tan Maximizer for its fast absorption and deeply hydrating skin conditioners, and since he may not use a lotion when he is outside it will help restore his skin when he is outdoors.
  • Body Spray – because who doesn’t like to smell great
  • Shades – no dude is complete without their sunglasses, plus it amps up the cool factor.

Ditch the tie and think outside the box. We love you, DAD!