Be the Place to Buy


Many businesses since COVID have diversified bringing in items to sell that have nothing to do with their business model or niche. And while we encourage salons to do something similar, you must also stake a claim on items directly related to tanning. A good marketing campaign makes consumers think about what they want, and where to get it.

We recently saw a TikTok from a stylist asking viewers “Do you really buy your hair products where you buy your food?”. This is fantastic marketing. We’re sure many consumers have never thought of the fact that this makes no sense. Planting this seed, while it may not change everyone’s habit, may very well make some viewers pause and realize that it makes much more sense to get these products from the professional who you trust to take shears to your hair.

One of our favorite memes we have made states “You wouldn’t bring beer to a bar because it was cheaper at the grocery store, why would you bring online lotion to a salon?” Again, when you put it like this it makes perfect sense.

Telling your tanners what to do can be a costly mistake, however, coming up with ways to create doubt in their recent decisions may give them a clearer picture of why they should rely on you as their source for all sun-related needs. Change your marketing and make sure your customers know YOU are the sun and skincare expert. Now is the time when many will be purchasing Sunscreen and SPF. Ask them:

“Do you buy your SPF the same place you get tires?”