2020 Year In Review

We don’t know anyone who especially enjoyed this past year, but we have made it to the end. For our last blog post of 2020, we thought we would highlight the top sellers. How do these compare to your most wanted items of 2020? Let’s find out.

Top Selling Lotions of 2020

Inexpensive lotions always make for quick sales, so it is not surprising that the most sold lotions in 2020 retailed below $35. These included Accelerator from Australian Gold which has been a staple in tanning for almost 40 years. This list also included fellow line members Sinfully Black, Deviously Black, and Cheeky Brown. However, if you are wondering what the top-selling product over $35 was you need only look at our Winner of 2020 March Tandness, Misbehaved. This is pretty incredible since it retails for $180! It goes to show when you combine a great fragrance, amazing color results, and advanced skincare price just isn’t a concern. Look for an upcoming post on how to show value in higher priced lotions to customers.

Tan Extender

Tan extending moisturizers are the one tanning product that every person on earth can benefit from. Even those that don’t tan need to keep their skin hydrated. This year's top-selling product was Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood. In addition to keeping the skin hydrated it also contains DermaDark to provide a gradual healthy glow.

Tanning Lamps

Heartland offers many brands of tanning lamps, but we are overjoyed that our very own Rave 16071R Plus created by Light Sources was the number one selling lamp in 2020. This high-quality lamp at an affordable price makes it a great option for replacing OEM lamps.

Sunless Retail

You can’t talk sunless without the name Norvell coming up. It’s no wonder that the top-selling sunless product is theirs. With its violet tones, Norvell Venetian Gradual Tanner was a hit with salons and consumers this year. During shutdowns, customers still wanted to maintain their glow and this product was a fan favorite.

Non-Tanning CBD

CBD sales continue to boost revenues for salons. Our CBD Living Cherry Gummy Rings not only taste delicious but contain quality CBD. This easy grab bag is a popular product for customers, and it showed this year by helping lift spirits and take the edge off a stressful year.

Tanning Accessory

There are many products that work hand in hand with tanning sessions to give additional benefits to the tanner. The top-selling accessory this year has clients smiling from ear to ear showing off their pearly whites. Twilight Teeth was the number one choice for add on sales this year.

Top Beauty Product

This one had us shook! We sell a lot of serums, A LOT, so we were expecting that the top-selling beauty product would be one. There was however a dark horse in the running that quietly sold more. Ear Candles! While this is a great add-on service for the salons many of the candles sold were for at-home use. We are guessing no one wanted to miss a moment of Tiger King.


There are a lot of amazing choices for eyewear in our industry, but it seems like this year the top choice was Sunglobes. These strapless low-profile cuties were a top choice for tanners this year.

So, there you have it. The products that won tanners over this year. How does this list compare to your sales? Let us know. Here’s to a much better 2021.