Are You Ready to Reset?

For 30 years we have held our annual expo. We had it in ice storms. We had it without power. We have had it with fires. We have done registration by candlelight. The show always went on.  This year would have been our 30th expo however, a pandemic was the one thing to keep us from gathering with our customers. WE WILL NOT LET IT BEAT US!

Each year the one thing that salon owners say over and over is that our expo lights a fire inside them and their employees. It ignites a passion for what they do and recharges them to have a strong season. We need this. YOU need this.

We felt we owed it to our customers to still bring them the jump start they need, so we are going virtual. We are incorporating the topic requested by salons and bringing you what you asked for with extreme savings. We know it has been a rough year for small business owners. That is why we are giving you the opportunity to empower your entire staff by hosting a watch party for the price of one registration fee.

We have recruited the best trainers in the industry and provided them the topics you asked for. This will definitely be a don’t miss event. In the weeks ahead we will be highlighting some of the things you will receive at America’s Tanning Virtual Expo. Today we will tell you about an outrageous deal that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Do you offer sunless tanning? Are you thinking of offering sunless tanning? Do you have new employees you would like to get sunless certified? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Exclusively at ATE Virtual, you will have the opportunity to certify ALL of your employees for one single fee of $30. This class usually runs $150 per student! We know, incredible right? It gets better! Once they complete the class you get to use that $30 registration fee towards Norvell solution with Heartland! What!?

This is only one of the perks of this year's virtual expo, there are more to come. Space is limited and will probably sell out. Have you registered yet?