Time for Salon Maintenance

March generally kicks off the start of the busy season and that means you will want to make a great first impression on new tanners. Now is a great time to update some of the items in your salon to guarantee a great first visit.


The most obvious is lamps and acrylics. You know the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” This is especially evident with your equipment. While lamps and acrylics are a bigger investment, they are just that, an investment. If a new tanner is under-whelmed by their tanning experience in your beds they will likely move on. Having a schedule of lamp and acrylic replacement ensures your tanners are always seeing results and leads to referrals. You may be asking “why should I replace my acrylic? They are not cracked or broken?” If you are new to the industry you may not be aware but over time acrylics will start to block UV acting as a shield. That is why it is so important to maintain them and replace them regularly. One way to maintain them is by using a plastic polish such as Novus to extend the life and keep them looking great between replacements.


Other items that sometimes get forgotten about are things like pillows, towels, bed signs, etc. Look at your salon as if you were a brand-new customer. Are your pillows in top shape? Have your towels been bleached or are they starting to fray? Have your signs started to yellow? All these things give the appearance of a run-down establishment. People undress and use your beds which is an intimate experience. Think about how you would feel if you were at the doctor and the signs were ripped, the floor had dust behind the door, vinyl on the bed was cracked, you get the idea.


When is the last time you changed up your lotion display? Brought in a new product? Offered a new service. Always keep your customers interested and they will continue to come back for years to come. Ask your business support rep for help getting ready to take on the tanning season.