The True Meaning of Distributor

It’s easy to think a distributor is just a place to purchase your goods for your business, but a distributor is so much more. Merriam-Webster defines distributor as “1: one that distributes, 2: One that markets a commodity” but in this industry, a distributor is so much more.


A good distributor is an extension of your business. They are a silent partner who is there to help you grow, assist you in any issues, and encourage and motivate you to achieve more than you ever dreamed. Heartland prides itself on partnering with the best in the industry to supply you with not only the product but also knowledge, tips, and advice on all aspects of the tanning industry. Several times a year through Expos and Meet the Maker events, Heartland facilitates bringing salon owners together to continue their education, network, and advise what we can do more to help them succeed.  We value the connections we make and consider our salons part of our extended Heartland Family.

“In an ever-changing industry, Heartland keeps us up to date on service trends and products that can increase our profits. They provide great customer service and training that are vital to the needs of our salon. They treat us like family, and they care about our business! Love our Heartland Family. “Teresa Terry, Electric Sun.

A good distributor is not filled with order takers. Heartland is lucky to have veteran Business Support Reps on staff to help guide salon owners and managers in their purchasing decisions. When there are so many options in products, accessories, and supplies having knowledgeable experts at your disposal is vital. Having a liaison between you and the manufacturer who can relay information, training, concerns, and more between the two adds value to your business.

“The true value of a distributor is being a one-stop-shop with the best price & service along with providing the best customer service with the most knowledgeable reps in the industry” Mike Hazen, Heartland BSR.

 “Distributors provide value by making it easy for customers to order, acknowledging customer's needs, and having open communication. This makes a great partnership” Lorie Dabney, Heartland BSR

A good distributor is made up of experience. Over the years Heartland has worn many hats in the industry. Our experience in manufacturing has given us an edge in both UV equipment and Sunless. We have in our distribution family some of the most technical geniuses to help you with parts, and equipment maintenance.

“The value of a distributor is a partnership. Sharing a common vision and goals. Customers can rely on us for ideas, knowledge, support, and experience. We like to share our customer's ideas to help others succeed. Some of the best marketing ideas come from our salons across the country.” Melissa Holland, Heartland Senior BSR.

“The true value of a distributor is to guide you in the direction of success. We may not always have an answer for you at the time, however, we will get it or tell you where to find what you need. Teamwork is what makes us succeed in an industry that is always changing.” Chris Wentz, Heartland BSR

A distributor's true value is gained from what it can offer its customers. We love adding value to our partnership and look forward to increasing our value for years to come. Tell us, what can we do for you?

“We are your business partner.  When your salon is successful so are we!

A distributor provides….

                *Superior customer service

*New product offerings based on sales trends

                *product & sales training

                * assist or shares promotion ideas

                *takes the guesswork out of product selections

The true value of a distributors service is PRICELESS”. Dan Skelton, Heartland BSR