Plan On Savings!

If you have done business with Heartland for any number of years, you know about our infamous Garage Sale. We have literally had customers camp out to be first in line to take advantage of the huge savings available. Nothing stops them from showing up, not snow, city-wide power outages, or traveling hundreds of miles.

This year, we started to think outside the box. What if you didn’t have to spend the time and money to come? What if we had it earlier so that salons could use these savings for Black Friday, or Pink Wednesday promotions? What if we made it accessible to EVERYONE… (with a Heartlink account)?

And with that, the Heartland Online Warehouse Sale was born.

We are only about 15 days away and the number of salon owners requesting an account, or their password has skyrocketed. We are busy doing inventory, computer programing, dotting I’s, and crossing T’s so that this event goes off without a hitch. And we are SO EXCITED.

We know some of you will be disappointed by not having to brave the cold, wait in long lines, and elbow your way through a crowded room rummaging for finds, or will you? There are lots of savings to be had. Let’s get to the details, shall we?

When, Where, How, and Who

On October 7th, at 6 o'clock AM Central Standard Time, Heartlink will magically gain a special section of products. These will include discontinued items for 2023 and overstocked products. For you to take advantage of this, you will need your login information for Heartlink, our online ordering system. Because the sale starts at 6 am, you will need to be sure you have this information prior to the 7th as there will be no access to your information before 8 am, and that could cost you your desired item. If you do not have your information, contact your Business Support Representative now!

Other details

Products are available on a first come first served basis. Items stored in your online shopping cart are not saved, nor do they guarantee you will get the item. You must hit submit on your order for the items to be taken from stock.

Orders from the warehouse sale cannot be combined with regular stock item orders, and all warehouse sale orders are subject to shipping costs. Items must be purchased in case quantities; your Business Support Representative will round up to the nearest case in the event items are not ordered in case amounts.

Due to the extremely discounted prices, these items are not subject to any other prices or promotions. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The sale is set to close at 2 o'clock PM Central Standard Time, however with the savings offered on these items we are not anticipating this sale to go that long. This means logging on early to take advantage.

Mark your calendar, set your alarm, and grab your account information, and a large cup of coffee. May the odds be ever in your favor!