New Product Alert: Halo Beam Cream

As a woman, you are flooded with beauty products online. Ads, videos, influencers, as well as family and friends, post about products that will “change your life”. Many women and men find themselves constantly looking for products that will improve their appearance and this can quickly become costly.

Who doesn’t want a toned youthful look? However, the time and money one can put into this can be overwhelming. What if there was a product that addressed several of these issues while doubling as a color enhancer at an affordable price? Get ready, it’s coming!

Introducing Devoted Creations Halo Beam Cream. This Mega Moisture Light Enhancing Mask packs a punch for its low price of $56.98. You can check out the cliff notes here, but what does it do exactly? Let’s unpack the features and benefits of this upcoming release to show you the full value.

Light therapy has taken the world by storm. From UV to Red Light and all the hues in between, people are starting to understand the vital benefits of light exposure. The name rings true for Halo Beam Cream, as it prepares the skin to better absorb all light hues. You can use this product to replace your facial tanning lotion, LED serum, and red-light facial product, saving you mega bucks!

 Halo Beam Cream doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk skincare. With its moisture-rich ingredients, it also doubles as a daily moisturizer and overnight mask treatment by plumping the skin, unclogging pores, and improving skin density to significantly correct deep facial wrinkles, and restore PH levels.

Finally with its ability for increased luminosity and elasticity, while improving skin texture and suppleness, it works as a fantastic makeup primer. No airbrushing here, just beautifully smooth bouncy skin minus the fine lines and wrinkles.

This one product has just replaced at least $200 dollars’ worth of products easily for less than half the price. Not to mention the time it saves you. What do you think? Is there a Halo in your future?