Clinical Care- It's Not Just Skincare, It's A Lifestyle

It’s one thing to find a product that you fall in love with, and it becomes something you can’t live without, but an entire line, that is rare. This is, however, the reaction we hear time and again with Clinical Care Skincare products.

When we were first introduced to Clinical Care, we were amazed at how with one use we saw results and were instantly fans. Each product delivers on its claims. Even more importantly for us was the education and support Clinical Care gives, and not just to us, as the distributor. Clinical Care will work with salons directly to educate and train staff which is huge.

Let’s face it, even though there are vast amounts of beauty and retail products in our catalog and online, many people jump right to the tanning products. We get it, it’s who we are. Salon owners at our Mind Your Business 2 Retreat were amazed by these products, and some didn’t even know they were available. However, all were shocked by how delightful they were. Here are just a few of the comments we have received from salons.

  • Drench- “The scent is amazing, and it feels so smooth on my skin! This has been one of the best moisturizers I have ever used on my face.”
  • Caffeine Blast Eye Gel- “I use this in the morning and see an instant difference in the puffiness of my eyes! I’m in love with it.”
  • The Green Stuff- “This cleanser is awesome. It’s so smooth and doesn’t feel harsh like many other cleansers do. It also takes my eye makeup right off.”
  • Fabu Fill- “This is a game changer. I use this for my wrinkles and look so much younger after!”
  • Sugar Lips- “Love how plump it makes my lips. Also taste so good!”

The proof, as they say, is “in the pudding”. If you haven’t tried it for yourself yet, give us a call. This will change your business.