MYB3- That's A Wrap!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Heartland Tanning Distribution's highly successful 3rd Annual Mind Your Business Retreat, held from June 14th to June 16th. This exclusive event, located in the heart of downtown Kansas City at the prestigious Crowne Plaza hotel, brought together salon owners, industry experts, and top sponsors for a memorable and empowering experience. Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this extraordinary gathering.


A Gathering of Industry Giants:

Heartland Tanning Distribution extends its heartfelt gratitude to the event's top sponsors: Sun Evolutions, New Sunshine, Sunless Inc, and Devoted Creations. Their unwavering support played a crucial role in the retreat's success and emphasized their commitment to excellence within the tanning industry.


The 2nd Annual New Sunshine Pool Party:

Undoubtedly a favorite among attendees, the 2nd Annual New Sunshine Pool Party set the tone for an unforgettable retreat. Salon owners and industry professionals enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere and music from DJ Greezy (Brandon Westfall), while engaging in poolside relaxation, networking, and soaking up the warm Kansas City sun. It provided the perfect setting for meaningful connections and invaluable insights.


The Norvell Spray the Block Challenge:

An evening filled with friendly competition and camaraderie; the Norvell Spray the Block challenge brought out the competitive spirit in salon owners. From bowling to darts, cup pong to shuffle puck, ping pong to corn hole, and shuffleboard, participants eagerly competed for a chance to win a $100 credit from Heartland Tanning Distribution. The night concluded with a captivating concert by the talented Priscilla Block in the lively KC Power N Light entertainment district.


Devoted Creations Game Night:

Devoted Creations hosted a delightful Game Night, where attendees indulged in delicious drinks, delectable desserts, and fruitful networking. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and provided the perfect opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, and celebrate the tanning industry's vibrant community.


Exploring Innovative Equipment and Insightful Discussions:

The retreat featured 15 networking tables, showcasing prominent equipment manufacturers such as KBL, VersaSpa, POLY, Cocoon, and the revolutionary Smart Sun Therapy unit. Salon owners had the exclusive opportunity to engage with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge equipment, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends. A salon owners' panel discussion further enriched the experience, with panelists sharing their expertise and addressing pressing industry topics.


A Grand Finale:

The retreat culminated in a spectacular Sun Evolutions sponsored grand finale held in the beautiful Crowne Plaza Ballroom. With a breathtaking panoramic view of downtown Kansas City, attendees enjoyed an exquisite dinner and drinks. The evening was filled with celebration as Heartland Tanning Distribution presented awards, showcased live band performances, and offered an immersive 360 photo booth to capture cherished memories.



Heartland Tanning Distribution's 3rd Annual Mind Your Business Retreat was a resounding success, driven by the invaluable support of sponsors, the active participation of salon owners, and the unwavering dedication of the Heartland Tanning Distribution team. This event exemplified the commitment to empowering salon owners and elevating the tanning industry as a whole. We eagerly look forward to future events and continued collaboration to shape the future of tanning.


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