How Cool Is Your Sunless Solution?

Spray tans, we can't get enough of them. The ability to go from a ghost to a Malibu Barbie in a few short hours if amazing. But as any spray tan artist knows DHA can be sensitive. When temperatures rise DHA can be severely affected! When ordering your sunless solution have you ever thought about the conditions it has been exposed to before it arrives at your salon? 

Heartland is one of the only distributors to safeguard sunless solutions and other heat sensitive products by building a cool room in our warehouse. Fresh product is delivered and immediately stored in a temperature-controlled room until shipping.

No one wants a sunless product that has been sitting in a hot warehouse slowly breaking down. We believe you shouldn’t have to have anything less that the freshest kept solution available. For this reason, Heartland only orders what is forecasted to be sold in weekly time periods ensuring no long warehouse stays on a shelf and does regular checks for expiration dates.

We highly recommend during the warm summer months ordering your solutions early in the week to ensure they are delivered promptly and not left sitting on a hot truck over the weekend. Next time you reach for your spray solution ask yourself, did this come from Heartland, or should I be worried? Stay cool.