MYB3 Spotlight- Sunless Inc. A Salon Perspective

Our final spotlight features the biggest names in Sunless including Norvell, Mystic, and VersaSpa and also happens to be a sponsor of MYB3. We reached out to Jordan Bell, owner of Smart Bronze Sunless Tanning who was gracious enough to provide some insight into their experience with Sunless Inc.


Heartland: How long have you carried Sunless Inc. products? 

Jordan: We have exclusively carried Norvell products specifically in our sunless-only salon since opening in 2008.


Heartland: Wow, so 15 years! What made you decide to use Norvell?

Jordan: Norvell has always been the industry leader. We trust their product, know it works & have always appreciated the customer service we receive.


Heartland: Customer service is hard to come by these days for sure. It’s one thing Heartland prioritizes with our customers. What types of sunless services do you offer?

Jordan: We offer hand-sprayed tans in four of our rooms as well as tans from our two Auto Revolution booths.


Heartland: That is a big business model for a sunless-only salon, very impressive. Do you also carry retail sunless products? 

Jordan: We carry Norvell's full line of retail products. From prep to post-tan products, we have everything our customers need.


Heartland: Sounds like a strong foundation for a spectacular sunless experience. How has carrying retail benefited your business? 

Jordan: It has greatly contributed to our success! The product line works well and speaks for itself. Our clients are happier when their investment with us lasts longer and wears more naturally. 


Heartland: Happy customers are always the end goal for sure. What are your top sellers? 

Jordan: Venetian Gradual Self Tan Lotion, Norvell Body Wash Cleanser & Body Butter are our number 1 products our customers are always coming back for. 


Heartland: Getting clients to understand the needs and benefits of sunless accessory items is half the battle. Sounds like you have educating clients down. What would you say to someone thinking of starting a sunless business or adding sunless to an existing one?

Jordan: Learn as much as you can and never stop doing so. The industry is constantly changing and staying educated in that is best for you and your clients.


Heartland: We couldn’t agree more. Norvell University does a fantastic job of staying on top of industry changes and incorporating them into its training. Speaking of training, do you feel it is important to get? 

Jordan: Absolutely! Training is key and truly knowing the science behind your craft will set you apart.


Heartland: It sounds like you have definitely mastered Sunless.  Do you have any advice or tips?

Jordan: Don't become distracted by what others are doing. Work your business only and you will continue to grow and be successful. 


Heartland: Thank you so much Jordan for giving us a peek behind the curtain. Will we see you at the retreat this year?

Jordan: We sure would love to!