MYB3 Spotlight on Sun Evolution- A Salon Perspective

You know we love Sun Evolutions, our top sponsor of this year’s Mind Your Business Retreat, but what do salon owners think? To give you a peer review we reached out to Vic Perrin, owner of Total Tan in Kansas City, and asked for input on the subject.

Heartland: Give us the backstory of how you were introduced to Sun Evolutions Products.

Vic: Knowing nearly nothing about the tanning industry, I purchased my salon in July 2016. There were only 8 bottles of tan lotion, all under $35, and no additional skin care products. The previous owner said the clients didn't want to buy salon-quality items since they could get indoor tanning lotion across our parking lot at Walmart. Chris, my new Heartland rep, reached out to introduce himself and helped me bring in a small variety of items while educating me on the types of tan lotions a salon should offer. I was reluctant to believe my clients would buy anything over $40 so I focused strictly on lower price points. Most of the items I chose were from ProTan and Hempz. My business slowly grew, and I began placing minimal orders every 2-4 weeks. 


Heartland: How did you first become a Platinum Salon Partner?

Vic: I first met Gina Jaeger, from Sun Evolutions, at the Heartland Expo in January 2017. Although growing, my business was still struggling after barely surviving July through December, my first six months. Chris encouraged me to meet with all the vendors and consider partnering with one that I felt would be best for my salon's future. Gina's vibrant enthusiasm and sincere passion for this industry really caught my attention. She explained Sun Evolution's program in detail, all with a smile and exuding loads of confidence in her ability to help my salon grow. I easily placed my trust in her and my partnership as a Platinum Salon began.


Heartland: What was the driving force in your decision to become a Platinum Salon Partner?

Vic: The simplest and most accurate answer to this question is one word or name, and that's Gina. She, not me, made it happen. Gina, along with Chris, became my business partners from Day 1 and continues to provide support, advice, and insights that I choose to follow. As for the product selection? I am more than satisfied with the offering. I stock a selection from each brand and my clients appreciate the wide selection. 


Heartland: What is it that you like most about the products from Sun Evolutions?

Vic: Sun Evolutions offer brands that satisfy nearly every client's tanning and skin care needs. Innovation, packaging, and product training have really helped me grow my retail sales. Each brand carries its own identity and allows me to show off a well-stocked variety of tanning products specifically tailored to each client's needs.


Heartland: Sounds great! What are your most popular products?

Vic: The Hempz Tanning line has become my best-selling array of items, and now commands the most shelf space in my salon. Of those, my top seller so far this year is Black Sandz. Hands down, it's a winner. That said, Sunsetz has been a top performer for several years and continues that trend today. Truly Black and Truly Rose are steady movers as well. The Snooki line overall is growing too. The new Love Snooki bronzer is doing great! Looking at the daily skin care business, I can't say enough about the Hempz 17oz moisturizers. As of today, I have 34 varieties and at least four of each in inventory. Some items will have 6-12 on hand at all times. I have devoted an entire wall to Hempz daily care items which now include hair care and the recently introduced Hempz Petz line. 


Heartland: We love that Hempz has expanded its reach into both the haircare and pet sectors. They have created new foot traffic for salons. What would you say to someone thinking of picking up Sun Evolutions?

Vic: I honestly can't think of a reason, not to stock products from Sun E. You get Hempz, Supre, Snooki, ProTan, Fiesta Sun, and of course... Gina! I know there are hundreds of salons out there and we all require some help now and then, but when I reach out to Gina, I always feel like I'm her only concern. And when it comes to special events, like my Anniversary Sale every July, the support I get is amazing! My clients and my staff appreciate what Sun Evolutions does to help me promote business loyalty. At Total Tan, we offer more than just tans and lotions. We sell confidence, friendliness, and trust. Both Gina, at Sun E, and Chris, at Heartland, help us do it every day.


Heartland: That’s what partners do, and we’re happy to do it! Do you have any advice or tips for other salons?

Vic: Let's face it. This industry is simply the best. Every person I've met in this industry has been incredible, and I'll bet all salon owners agree with me. The success I've had since partnering with Gina and Heartland has truly helped me love what I wake up and go do every day. My advice to those not yet enjoying the success they want is to ask lots of questions and place trust in those that have been doing this for many years. Don't convince yourself that customers are cheap and won't spend money. Stock the best, hire the best, look your best and you'll begin to be the best. 


Heartland: Thank you for sharing your insights. We love partnering with you. We also love your themed outfits every year during our events. Will we see you at the retreat this year?

Vic: Heck yeah! My wife Amie and I have been looking forward to it since our drive home from last year's retreat!