Must-Have Items to Sell in Your Tanning Salon for the Ultimate Summer Experience

As the summer season approaches, tanning salon owners have a golden opportunity to provide their customers with a complete and luxurious tanning experience. To enhance your salon's offerings and boost your retail sales, it's crucial to stock up on must-have items that complement the tanning process and cater to your customers' needs. In this blog post, we'll explore a range of essential products that are perfect for the summer months, including SPFs, moisturizers, beach bags, boutique retail items, cosmetics, skincare, and a special product, the Sunburn Drink, that offers fast relief and promotes healing for sunburns.


SPFs: Protect and Hydrate

The importance of sun protection cannot be emphasized enough. No one likes a tanning setback when trying to get that perfect color. Offering a selection of high-quality SPF products will ensure that your customers can enjoy their time in the sun while keeping their skin safe from harmful overexposure. Stock up on a variety of SPF lotions, sprays, and sticks with different SPF levels to cater to different skin types and preferences.


Moisturizers: Nourish and Extend the Tan

After a tanning session, it's essential to moisturize the skin to maintain a healthy glow and prolong the tan. Offer a range of nourishing moisturizers specifically formulated for tanned skin. These products will keep the skin hydrated, enhance the tan, and provide a soothing sensation.


Beach Bags: Stylish and Convenient

Make your salon a one-stop shop for summer essentials by offering trendy and functional beach bags. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having a stylish bag to carry their tanning products, towels, and other beach accessories.


Boutique Retail Items: Fashionable Extras

Elevate your retail selection by including boutique items that complement the summer vibe. Consider offering sunglasses, hats, cover-ups, flip-flops, and other fashion-forward accessories. These items not only add value to your customers' tanning experience but also enhance their overall summer style.


Cosmetics and Skincare: Enhancing the Glow

Complete the tanning experience by providing cosmetics and skin care products specifically designed for tanned skin. Highlight products like bronzers, illuminating powders, and lip balms that enhance and accentuate the natural glow achieved through tanning.


Sunburn Drink: Fast Relief and Healing

Introduce a unique product that sets your salon apart from the rest – the Sunburn Drink. This special formulation offers fast relief for sunburns and promotes healing five times faster. Its powerful ingredients help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and provide the necessary hydration for quick recovery. Make this product a summer must-have for your customers.


By offering these must-have items in your tanning salon during the summer months, you'll provide a comprehensive and memorable experience for your customers. From sun protection and moisturizers to beach bags, boutique retail items, cosmetics, skincare, and the Sunburn Drink, your salon will become a go-to destination for all their summer needs. Ensure your customers leave your salon feeling pampered, protected, and ready to embrace the summer sun with confidence. Happy tanning!